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Home Projects With a GREAT Return for your Investment, Such as a Kitchen Renovation.

Kitchen Renovations
The Kitchen is one of the most popular renovations for earning back your invested money for this project. You don't need to fully gut the Kitchen, certain upgrades, like new counters, hardwood or high-end tile floors, premium appliances, adding an islands add new sinks, and faucets can attract a lot of appeal, and increase the value of the home.

Bathroom Renovations
If your ensuite is tired looking, it's more than likely worth upgrading, especially if you can afford a few luxuries such as a whirlpool or air jet tub, having a separate shower with a rainshower head, double sinks and heated floors are great resale features. Storage space so cabinets are also a something to strongly consider. For both sexes having separate areas for each within the ensuite also helps.

Paint provides great results with little investment. If you decide to hire a professional to do the work, expect to pay $1.40 per square foot for the interior on an average. An exterior paint job will run a little more normally at about $ 1.85 per square foot. You should keep in mind that you’ll recoup the full price of this investment if you use colours that are warm, neutral and have an inviting feeling. 

Hardwood Floors
On the main floor it’s a must have these days with buyers, hardwood will always be something buyers will be looking for. If your floors are refinished but worn, have them touched up, sanded and restained, or give them a little TLC yourself. If they're very beaten up consider replacing them with a textured wood. Upgraded lighting fixtures
Old track lighting can be easily replaced with more contemporary styles such as smaller cans or LED track lights. Replace outdated overhead lighting with more current stylist lighting.

Carpet in bedrooms that are in great condition. That have a neutral, lightly textured weaves and material of wool are looked upon as being a good return as well.

A Finished Basement
After kitchens and bathrooms, a stylishly finished basement is high on many buyers' wish lists. If the ceiling is low and you can afford the investment, consider digging down to increase ceiling height. If you can't, levelling the floor and installing laminate or carpet will help make it more comfortable.

A well-maintained garden with attractive plants, hardscaping such as armoured stone, brick, flagstone, and features such as urns or paths, add an elegant look to even a smaller homes.